Combining the reverse and steering functions into one rugged system, waterjet propulsion provides for excellent manoeuvrability at high speeds as well as low speeds – and full manoeuvrability even when the boat is in a stationary position.

Doen WaterJets offers a complete range of dedicated waterjet controls; from simple hydro-mechanical to sophisticated fully integrated electronic systems, each waterjet model has several options to best suit different application and budget requirements.

Doen’s own Rotary Servo Control (RSC) unit is an integrated proportional hydraulic control system providing simple and exact follow up control of the waterjets reverse buckets by conventional lever via push-pull cable. Bucket position is relative to input lever position. Mechanical hydraulic follow up control with de-coupled feedback system allows quick and free lever movement at all times.

The RSC unit and all hydraulic components are jet mounted, with the hydraulic pump belt driven off input coupling.

For waterjets configured with RSC, the steering will be controlled independently by way of manual or power assisted hydraulic system.