Doen DJ172

The DJ172 is Doen’s latest model that was specifically released to address the market gap for a sleekly designed, lightweight, cost-effective waterjet that efficiently generates high thrust in low to medium speed regimes. DJ172 waterjet is on offer within the same price bracket as smaller competitor products. BUT it has the pump capacity (432mm impeller) to generate significantly more thrust than the rivals for the same amount of engine power. Thus literally giving customers much bigger bang for their buck! Already in service and making waves – excuse the pun – in Scandinavia and the USA, the DJ172 waterjet is quickly positioning itself as a very attractive propulsion option for any 15-20m workboat application in which high bollard pull, fuel economy, or large thrust to weight ratio are key requirements. Please contact us to learn more about DJ172 and other innovative waterjet propulsion solutions on offer by Doen WaterJets.