Marol Hydraulic Engine Control System

Sea-Tek AS from Norway is the European distributor for Marol Hydraulic Engine Control system,
which is a good alternative to electronic, pneumatic or mechanical control systems.

Facts about Marol Hydraulic Engine Control Systems:

Produced in Japan, made with high precision and of excellent quality.

The system uses oil instead of antifreeze, and the oil greases gaskets and pistons, which gives you less wear and tear, and longer longevity.

The pressure tank is see-through, so that you easily can keep an eye on the oil level and there is a manometer on top for easy oil pressure surveillance.

The system has a built in manual pump, so that the system can be pressure set without having to use an external pump or compressor.

The pressure tank can be placed in the engine room, on the bridge or between the engine room and the bridge.

The system can be used for regulating throttle, gear, trolling valve, pitch, PTO and waterjet.

The hydraulic transfer of power gives you a very precise control, without loss of motion.

The system is easy to install and air.

Adjustable actuator stroke from 35 to 110mm.

The actuators can be mounted directly on the engine and gear, and then connected to the control arms with stags, or be mounted separately and connected to the control arms with cables.

The system is easy to troubleshoot and easy to repair.

Up to three stations can be connected in series.

Marol Hydraulic Engine Control Systems are suitable for boats between 10 to 60 meter

Competitive prices compared to electronic systems, somewhat more expensive than mechanical control systems.

Very high reliability and easy maintenance.


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