Sea-Tek AS your supplier of marine equipment og services

Main business

Sea-Tek Power   – Delivers propulsion systems and waterjet based on well-known brands.
Sea-Tek Service – Perform service and maintenance to work boats.
Sea-Tek Supply  – Import and distribution of maritime high quality products.


By offering high-quality products, flexibility and a good reputation, Sea-Tek will give the customer a carefree maritime experience.


Sea-Tek AS’s goal  is to deliver high-quality services and products that meet our customers’ requirements, expectations and needs. Our services must also meet requirements set by the authorities and by the company itself. Sea-Tek AS will deliver the agreed product and service at the right time and price. We have established and documented a management system that is certified according to the NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. The management system is part of our overall management system and must ensure compliance with the company’s internal procedures, as well as the customers’ demands and expectations.


Sea-Tek’s ethical guidelines include the following matters:

  • Compliance with laws, regulations and governing documents
  • The Transparency Act: work with basic human rights and decent working conditions
  • Health, working environment and safety
  • Climate and environment
  • Business ethics
  • Supplier follow-up

Environmental profile

Sea-Tek wants to be a sustainable company, which meets today’s needs without destroying the possibilities for future generations to have their needs met.

Sea-Tek takes responsibility for the environment in its daily operations by:

  • Sort waste at source and reduce the total amount of waste
  • Have control over and targets to reduce energy consumption (buildings and cars)
  • Actively work to reduce paper mailings and printed matter
  • Have control over the environmental requirements placed on the business
  • Work environment

In our company, we value the working environment. It is important that employees are happy at work, and that they enjoy the work they do. We care about each other as people, and we must have a good balance between work and leisure. Creating and maintaining a good working environment is a continuous job, you have to work purposefully to succeed.